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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Comfortable is the soul of shoes. Someone care about your shoes, such as a sanatorium care about the wealthy who suffer from hypochondriacal. If some one tries his best to care about your shoes, and makes to order a pair of supernatural beauty tailored shoes for you, then the shoes that with your identity tags and distinctive temperament will bring you about comfortable and happiness. The high-heeled shoe is one of the most materials for woman. So any woman cannot resist the luxury brand of shoes.Now let's meet the first five classical brands of women's shoes in global. After all, it is the women's fashion dream to own them.
1.      Steve Madden.
Steve Madden brand is famous for their comfortable flat shoes and wedge-heel shoes. Steve Madden is the one of the most common shoes brand among the Hollywood stars.

2.      Christian Louboutin.
The red sole is the signboard of Christian Louboutin. It highlights lovely, beautiful and the low-key mature and sexy. The designer Mr. Louboutin applied for a trademark privileges in Sep. 2007 for preventing his red sole design from being copied. ‘The bright red tells every one that the shoes are designed by me', he said. Woman who wears the red shoes attracts the eyes of mem.

3.      Manolo Blahnik.
Manolo Blahnik is the royal of high-heeled shoed. It is a dream for women to have a pair of Manolo Blahnik. Even the super stars are the crazy pursuer of Manolo Blahnik. if Armani is the ‘uniform' for Oscar prize presentation, then Manolo Blahnik is the unique appointed shoes. No matter the high price of Manolo Blahnik, they were sold out in a few weeks after being launched. Just as Manolo Blahnik has said,' even though ours shoes are highly valued, but the price is reasonable.

4.      Salvatore Ferragamo.
Salvatore Ferragamo equal emphasis on practicality and style. It is famous for the traditional manual design and attractive styles in the world. Many film celebrities, such as Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn, Eva veron and Marilyn Monroe, flock to Salvatore Ferragamo.

5.      PRADA.
PRADA shoes continu the striping of cloth in 2011. Fiocchetto pattern shoes include high-heeled shoes, flat shoes, sandal and cool slippers. Their common characteristic is the ‘bow tie' decoration. The inspiration stemed from fashionable trend in the1950s. Acumination and continental heel are the main feature of Fiocchetto By the way, I like Christian Louboutin most among the first five classical brands of women's shoes in global.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Comfort and Style with Flat Shoes

Comfortable and stay with Flat Style Shoes - In contrast to such high stiletto heels that give a sense of fatigue in the legs, especially calves, flat shoes with the right design is more convenient to use. Soles of shoes are flat / flat divide the body weight evenly to all parts of your foot, so that the foot and calf are not burdened with the whole weight of the body. Besides the blood circulation is also becoming more fluent.

Now, before you decide to buy a flat shoes kind of like, it's good to know the types of flat shoes. Flat shoes are distinguished from the type of material and style. Choose the most convenient for you and of course according to your unique personality.

Made from Suede
Average of suede shoes, especially worn with matching shorts and jeans. Besides it can be combined with a long skirt and leggings. Flat suede shoes gives the impression of a sweet, classy and feminine. Suede shoes need extra attention in maintenance than in leather. You can spray a protective fluid to coat the ingredients. Suede shoes with the original price is quite expensive. Pick a conventional design or mix and match classic because it's easier.

Made from Leather
Normally present in natural colors: black and brown. Leather flat shoe is a long-term investment because leather is never outdated. The good news, this material is perfect paired with any outfit, you just need to find a simple design for a casual look or shiny look for glamor. Leather should not be exposed to rain because it will damage the material. For keeping it preserved, apply special shoe polish and leather wrapped with a cloth when storing.

Ballet Shoes Model
Terinsiprasi of special shoes worn by ballerinas, ballet flat shoes are now popular among the women. Particularly suitable subject with a short dress or skirt A-line cut. Now with a variety of design models, ballet flat shoes can also be combined with leggings, cargo pants or pencil skirts.
Choose neutral colors for formal events.
Note that the ballet flat shoes make you look shorter legs, so if you're short, use these boots with short skirts (above knee) to give effect to the longer leg. This type of shoe does not fit with pleated skirt.

Type of lace
Strappy flat shoes that cover the top of the foot giving the impression of a neat and masculine. You can use light-colored straps to reduce the effect masculine. Strappy flat shoes suitable for use with capri pants and knee-length skirt. These types of shoes gives the impression of sporty appearance.

Model Gladiator
Somewhat similar to a strappy flat shoes, flat shoes that are popular gladiator models have straps crisscrossing the trendy, masculine as well as sweet. And of course convenient to use the streets window shopping.


For everyday casual looks that relaxed, flat ballet shoes use a neutral or pastel colors with capri pants, shirts, short skirts, shorts or jeans. To look more glamorous, you can use flat shoes with pointed toes and shiny color effects (glossy).

Sunday, April 8, 2012


You are a woman who love this type of high heels? Most women are very fond of models wearing high heels or high heels. With models wearing high heels shoes for women can add to this confidence. All the more so for women who have a short body size, it will support more attractive appearance and self-confidence grow.
Although now a lot of models of high-heeled women's shoes and you can freely choose high heels fit the model you want, comfort remains the primary factor to be noticed. Wearing high heels is going to make your legs look taller. Appearance is also increased trendy, fashionable and elegant. But there is one drawback when a woman wearing high heels shoe model / high heel shoes, which will make your legs feel tired when using this shoe models in use for a long time. And for women who are not accustomed to wearing high heels make legs so it will pegel because they feel uncomfortable.
In order for you to feel comfortable, make sure when you buy these high heels you try it first. After fitting the size of the legs, you try to walk around the room. If it is less convenient, you can search for other models of high heels, you can choose shoes with soles soft on the inside. If Sedah feel comfortable and feels good in life .. deh ready to take the shoes and pay .. hehehe.
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For the latest shoe trend this year, the type of shoe models such as whether a woman who is currently a trend? Models of women's shoes wedges or shoes with thick soles currently seems to be in love. Model wedges shoes back so the trend began early last year. The development trend of shoes normally can last up for 2 years.

Use of the model is fitted wedges shoes for women who are used to wearing flat shoes with the right models, but have no desire to move the existing use rights sapatu models but still want to feel comfortable when walking.

Although the model heel wedges can reach 11 cm by 13 cm, but because the shape of the sole was flat from front to back if so it will still feel comfortable when worn. Very different from that of the model stiletto shoes or high heels are usually settled down to the size of its rights contained in the section that is behind it.

Use of this woman's shoe model wedges can be worn by women with clothing that has a somewhat relaxed atmosphere by choosing the mix of clothing or dress slacks.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


HEELS HOUSE  is an online shoe stores that offer the kinds of shoes model Flat Boot, Ankle Boot, high heels, Wedges, and flat shoes. for Fashion lovers .. here .. here's the place you can get a five star newfangled shoes for only five feet .. just for the students recommended for shopping at our store online. Our shoes are hand-made production is the result of its own, with good quality, so comfortable when used. Our store has excellent service, so as not to disappoint the customer. guaranteed to production of shoes that we use quality materials and affordable prices.

Established on 1 January 2010. HEELS HOUSE  is an online shoe store that sells shoes and accept orders with five star quality and an affordable price. HEELS HOUSE receiving orders shoes in the number of units, resellers and large parties for all occasions. Now this HEELS HOUSE have had hundreds of customers throughout the territory of Indonesia.


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